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If you use a credit card or PayPal, the easiest method is to click through to look at the descrptions, then come back and click the Donate button just below here and put in the amount for what you'd like. This makes it simpler for you, as it saves you from having to put in your info twice. Either way works.  Feel free to email us with any questions.

If you prefer, mail a check or money order for the right amount and send to:
Joseph Casey, PO Box 24621, Eugene, OR 97402.

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To Schedule a Soul Path Clearing:
Click on the Donate button for payment using Paypal, MasterCard or Visa.  Or just send a check without any clicking.
Then, go to
Contact Us page. 
Include (if we don't have it already):
Your name 
Special Concerns (write as much as you like)

To Schedule a House Energy Clearing
Click on the Donation button for Paypal, MasterCard or Visa. Or send a check.
Then go
to Contact Us page, and provide
a brief description of the property and any particular issues to address. (Questions are always welcome.)
Please include:
Your Name
Address of the property to be cleared
Size of home and lot size (approximate)
Who lives there? Relationships (daughter, son, cousin, etc.), Animals?
How many rooms on each level

We’ll get right back to you and let you know when we can do the clearing. You can tune into yourself over the following days and notice changes. And we’ll schedule a post-clearing phone time for explanation and questions. 

Certain factors can complicate and lengthen the work of clearing. It’s better if we know them in advance. If your situation has unique concerns, let us know what you know or think about them. Email us, providing a brief description of the property and the special or unusual things to address, and we’ll send you back a reasonable quote.

Free Included Bonus: In the three weeks following your clearing, we'll do two additional check-in clearings. It's a normal part of the healing process for material to emerge over time. Rechecking has proved valuable.

Soul Path Clearing     $250
Includes thorough research and clearing of your Soul Path, major life issues, plus a 60 minute post-clearing phone consultation. This is usually a transformative event. Just so you'll have an idea of how extensive this clearing is, we spend at least 4 hours on it.

Home & Property Clearing
Includes Removal of discordant spirits and dark energies, Cleansing of negative emotional imprints, Clearing earth energy lines, Shielding and Blessing. This clearing is thorough. You will notice many improvements. No onsite visit necessary.
All Homes and Properties.   $300 

For large structures and/or multiple buildings on one property -- Email for quote: Contact Us


Emotional Clearing Sessions by Phone
These sessions are very effective at releasing discordant energies and emotions. They complement the clearings well and enable further evolution.
 minute session                $120

Next Level Clearing           $125 
For those who have already had one of our clearings. To be considered after 4-6 months. If you liked the first one, you'll love this one. Phone call included.  

Business Clearing
As each business is unique, so is each business clearing.  We take into account all the factors normal for a Home & Property Clearing, plus clearing the interpersonal patterns that often block harmonious focus on the tasks at hand.

Email us with some basic information and we'll evaluate and send back an estimate:  Address, size of space or building, how many other businesses there, if any;  who runs the business, how many employees;  areas of concern (briefly).
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