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Flower Essence Testimonials
“Dear Patti,
I can't thank you enough for the most excellent flower essences you guys create. I was in a state of stuckness around an issue. Your blend gave me what I needed, and things are moving forward once again. 
That blend worked so well I came back & had you create two more specialized (personal) blends, both of which have also helped me immensely. Awesome!
I also must tell you, I use your Crisis Care formula with clients in Massage, Reiki, and Bowen Work Therapies, whenever they have come in all upset and wound up. Within just a very few minutes they calm down, clearly feeling - and noticing they feel so much clearer and centered. It's really amazing to watch."
Laura Magpali       A Sanctuary for Healing       Eugene, Oregon  
"The flower essences are really helping.  My husband in particular is feeling much better since starting his.  I was actually contemplating starting antidepressants, but have been feeling so much better that I won't need them.
Thank you,"
LE    Oregon
"POO came today!  Thank you so much.  I immediately opened the package and started on my love affair with this flower essence!"
 MB    Arizona
"While Bach Flower Essences are useful for a variety of stressors, the unique personally formulated blends made by Patti and Joe at World Energy Healing (AWEH) are profound for all those who might be highly affected by the major Earth changes this year, stresses of daily life, and those who are on the path of Ascension and transcending the very dense and traumatic race consciousness around us.  These essence blends will help you integrate higher vibrational energies, balance your chakras, and open yourself up for greater self love and love of others.  It is truly an essential follow up to house and soul clearings that will allow you to integrate shifts. 
"I was indeed in the "darkest night of the soul" at the start of 2012. I had no fewer than 16 deaths of people close to me, loss of my college teaching position, and discordant onslaught of what felt like demonic/dark psychic activity.  Though I'm a highly spiritual and intuitive artist - even with yoga, diet, meditation and church - I couldn't seem to pull myself together.  Their Ascension Blend helped profoundly in my ability to integrate the new Earth energies, and make positive life shifts, after great trauma.  Many who are unaware are going through a deep rebirthing process, and inner change at this time.  The World Energy Healing Blends help you to integrate more quickly as well as aid you in having greater inner awareness of these changes.
"Their unique blends can help you with many issues.  They are dedicated to spiritual expansion of the human race and the planet, and are there to assist you in your own unique expansion, rebirthing, and spiritual evolution.  Be it soul clearing/house clearing, essences or EFT coaching, I truly can not recommend anyone who is more gifted in these areas."  
JS California

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