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"The journey I have experienced after the Soul Path Clearing has been a challenging one, but also I see major expansion in clearing many life-long traumas including abuse, negative relationship patterns, abandonment issues, etc.  I have worked with Joe with flower essences, EFT and Healing Codes, to enhance the initial clearings. His friendship and support have been a vital link to my continual expansion, and strengthening through life challenges.

Prior to meeting Joe, my home environment was extremely chaotic. I had moved into a large beachfront condo in Long Beach, which I thought would be an ideal place for me. However I had experienced, prior to Joe’s clearing my soul path and my house, terrifying and chaotic vibrations. I had a neighbor who was a drunk with 6 children. There was child abuse involved, and the police were out to the resident nearly daily. There was a discordant tenant below me who was a drug addict, and we could smell all kinds of toxic fumes through the walls. I ended up very ill with hives, respiratory issues and panic attacks as well as depression. As a psychic intuitive myself, I fell open to chaotic energies from the environment around me.  We also had a schizophrenic down the street, and other discordant issues.  About 2 weeks after the clearing, the neighbors next door moved away. A miracle, the drug addict below me was evicted, and the neighborhood become more peaceful.
The majority of the world is just not aware of how energies from other realms, karmic and ancestral contracts, EMFs and other disturbances can affect our whole life.  Let Joe assist you on the path of ascension, that you may experience greater peace in your home and spirit.  I'm blessed with the help/coaching Joe has provided me, and my friends I have referred to him. 
Joe by far one of the greatest connections I have made in my life.  Joe's mastery of the subtlety of house and soul energies, and how to clear these quickly is astounding, and truly life changing. He is professional, caring, compassionate, and able to clearly articulate his findings when you book a house/soul clearing. Give yourself the gift of a higher vibrational energy." 
J. Ross  Long Beach CA

First I want to say thank you and that you are good!!  Before I read this report I have been feeling really different. I really noticed it last night when I was out with my friend; I was just having FUN, which it occurred to me was something I hadn't truly felt in a long time. It is a joyous feeling that has come over me and I think I can relatively say that others are noticing it to. Strangers smile at me and take a second look. I feel like I am shining or something, I guess I am.    Everything in this summary has been spot on with the way I have been feeling in the past and the history I have had. All the things you bring up were exactly how I felt but it was so vague and diffuse that I didn't know where it was coming from or how to begin to deal with the feelings that I didn't want. I think like you said there are more layers to peel but I am feeling like myself again and my energy level is through the roof.”
SC     Texas

     “Words cannot express the appreciation I have for your assistance. It's always right on time. Today I was confronted with the biggest test to my clearing and I passed it with flying colors. You're absolutely right -- I don't need the martrydom I feel when I've been done wrong, nor do I have the impulse for revenge. What I am feeling now is peace, contentment, and joy. I am so ready to elevate to the next level.”
CC    Kansas
     “I want to thank you for your work with me. It has been an interesting experience. I have enjoyed this opportunity to open up reflection on my life at a deeper level than normal. When going through the clearing statements you gave me I did feel strong energy in my back each time I made the statements. I was also able to open up to deeply buried feelings about my mother leaving that I had not been able to be fully conscious of before. I felt a little girl's pain and sadness in a way that I don't remember feeling before.
   Your first check-up reflections and suggestions were very helpful as well. I could easily relate current events to your observations of my internal feminine being stunted and barren. I did start searching for a visual of feminine that I could internalize. It was a much harder exercise than I expected. I have felt pretty fuzzy-headed and tired a lot of the time through this process. Since my work is very intense and super busy this past few months I have struggled with making the time for deep reflection through this process. I am sure I could get more out of it with more focus on my part as well as a conversation with you. I have saved your e-mails and will continue to review them. I think I will also sign up for another Soul Path Clearing when I can plan to take more time to deeply reflect.”
HE     Oregon
   “Just wanted to let you know a few things. I notice an absolute difference in my daughter since her clearing with you. She still is away, but we talk on the phone everyday. She is definitely perkier/lighter/more upbeat. She says she feels clearer in her thoughts and her monthly cycle was much improved. I am happy to see my girl feel better and more centered for her decision making and general thoughts.
   An interesting turn of events happened in my relationship life. It was worth having the clearings for me and ____, because a lot of truth came out after that and I was able to save myself from a limiting relationship.
   After the split I began seeing someone that I had dated for a while last year but we were never serious… We are now developing a deep relationship. I really enjoy the conversations we have about spirituality. I have encouraged him to get a clearing… and I really do think this could give him the lift that the rest of us have gotten from you… He sent me the feedback you gave him-which seemed pretty much on the mark.”
JM     Rhode Island
 “Mahalo, many times over. I have read and re-read your summary... Very much on target.   I have been feeling a lot more peaceful, balanced and optimistic, right after speaking to you on Saturday. I trust that your clearing is helping, based on this improvement. I even received a call earlier from a client who told me she has 8 clients lined up for me... I have been harmonizing with you and keeping my heart and soul open to healing.  Since our initial talk of Saturday, I have been feeling better. I attribute the improvement to your benevolent help…
From the heart, many thanks for handling this crucial task on my behalf...”
 After first check-in:
“Thanks for the message... It is creating more awareness. There's a lot of truth in it for me.”
RLB               California
     "Today I am able to live a full life.  In desperation, I called Joe in March 2007.   I had developed a severe skin rash with open sores all over my body that kept me largely confined to the house for the better part of ten months.  I had been through 13 MDs, including specialists, two naturopaths, and I tried a Chinese practitioner for acupuncture and herbs, all without any satisfying results - I was considered a medical "mystery." Joe and Patti sent me remote healing across the miles, which resulted in a permanent shift in my condition.  I started to heal and with added sessions, my skin improved rapidly and dramatically.  My doctor says he's never seen anything like it.  I am so grateful for this miraculous healing and so grateful our Creator put Joe in my life."
Marie T              Hawaii
     “Just a quick note that I am writing through the tears that are welling up in my eyes in response to your email. I am moved by how the spirit answers and with such preciseness. I have been praying for a long time, seems like forever, for the universe to connect me with like-minded people who can help me seek truth and light on my journey to my purpose...thank you, thank you, thank you. Now to get my day started with a cleansing shower and a moment's meditation.
Peace and blessings,”
MN     Oregon
"I am so very happy with the results of the Soul Path Clearing I had done for myself. The SPC gave me some breathing room, made it much easier to "observe myself" in an unattached way. Easier to watch others in this way too. By unattached I don't mean not caring, but just willing to watch what is and knowing what I can change & what I can not. Going within for answers is much easier, faster and clearer.
     "First, I want to say THANK YOU for all you did to help me & W___. I can feel & see the positive effects of the Soul Path Clearing & will be recommending you to all my open-minded friends, all 4 of them : ) just kidding, I might know a few more.... or met some new ones now!
The feeling of anxiety & broken heart are not with me anymore & if anything could have sent me over the edge, Friday night would have done it!
Thanks so much Joe! I hope you & yours had a fantastic Thanksgiving.
I sure did, this was the 1st one in a long time that i did not end up drinking too much & crying @ 1 in the morning! I am not kidding that was a predictable thing with me & I just couldn't help it (except the years I did not have anything to drink, but I was still sad, just freaked out in other ways those years). Looking forward to a very mellow & happy Christmas.
I had a successful event happen last night, W was complaining of headache, it was not going away after drinking water & taking some Bach flower remedy. So I asked the whole family to gather around (Joe shut off the TV). Even his older brother & his girlfriend (who is into all of this stuff & asks me questions, I taught her EFT & she has just taken off with it!). We had W lay down & we shut most of the lights off & all 5 of us did hands on healing. Took about 10-15 minutes for his headache to disappear!"
KE   RI 

     “I am definitely feeling a blessed existence now and my mind seems so much clearer than ever before. I used to feel that my mind was blocked and I had no way to access higher awareness etc. Now however since the SPC you did, I am feeling so connected to source or God than ever before. I have felt so energetic it is amazing to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work on my Soul Path.  It is with glad feelings of love I exist today and I am so happy to be so free of all those things that blocked me from my true path in life. I can now get on with my healing willingly and actively and that is no small thing for me. I am, as you may know, in bed now for over 5 years and my legs have frozen in place and will take drastic measures to break down the calcium build-up and I am confident that my energy on that area will help me and my process to healing. What a feeling of Freedom I now have. I cannot express how much gratitude I have now for what you have done for me and I thank you deeply again. What a feeling it is to be so free of all the baggage I was carrying about with me. Wow is another word that comes to mind."
BB     Nevada
Same person, another department of life:
     “I am so very grateful for your work on my SPC and I must tell you about a miracle for two people now. 
#1. I had a relationship that was for me quite amazing and I wanted this relationship to last a lifetime but it was not to be. She asked me to release her and so I did. I ended up with half my soul attached to her for about 2 1/2 months. Just now
, when I started to say my usual prayer, God stopped me and led me through the prayer to release my soul stuck to her and return it to me. I felt my soul come back together and also felt the bruise the full length of the tear and it took a week to heal and be gone.

After my SPC I was no longer afraid of her and any remembrances of pain etc. She had asked to come visit me before and I had said no way. I had sworn I would never see her again as she had hurt me so bad that I could not stand to be in her presence.  After the clearing, I emailed her and invited her to visit me. I told her that I wanted to know how to make it right between us. She wrote back that she felt that she had used me badly and wanted to know how she could make amends for that. Yesterday, she came for a visit and not one little bit of old pain showed its ugly head. We had a nice visit catching up on each others lives and I shared with her my SPC report so she can see what happens when a clearing is done.
   #2. For 2 1/2 months I was in a state of Grace with a very close contact with God, and it was the most exciting thing to ever happen to me. I was so happy and blessed all the time, and if I prayed for something it came to me. But one day, I gave a gift to my girlfriend and she gave it back. She wanted me to not interfere in her life again. She told me then that she could not return my love in the same way I was giving it to her. I released her at her demands and crashed immediately losing that conscious contact with God due to all the pain that release caused me.
That was 11 years ago. Since the clearing,  I am free to see and talk to her about being friends as we had been for 19 years prior to our breakup. We are able to clear the past from our lives and begin a new friendship based upon a clean love for one another and no strings attached. It was a great visit from her and she will come again next Sunday.
   Thank you so much for clearing away all that useless baggage we all hold onto. I am so clean feeling now and have a better sight and awareness than ever before. That feeling of having a mental block is removed and my mind is wide open and free now, and for that I thank you and Joe for your work. It is wonderful and empowering for all who have this clearing done for them. Thanks again.”

BB   Nevada

     “I feel like I really found out who I am at a deep level. I know I’m valid and valuable and who I am and what I want are more than OK. You helped me get to the core of who I really am and be OK with it – not only be OK with it, but relish  it and enjoy. – instead of who I thought I should be. I recognized myself as a spiritual guy. The clearings were very expanding for me.  What a boost!”
Barry  C     Utah

      “I received yesterday the strongest spiritual impetus of healing I've ever received in my life from you and Patti. I just thank God. I have such love for my parents and myself. I'm telling you it's a whole new life., a whole new world. I went on my vision quest. I'd like you to see what God has done through you all.”
David  C      Oregon 

     “Patti entered my life at a time when I was experiencing deep emotional growth...which meant I was in a really hard place.  She was fully open to universal healing energy in her Reiki work and became a conduit, of sorts, helping me find my way through some very dark places.  Through her Soul Clearing work, she was able to help me identify energies at play and enabled me to interpret how they 'looked' in my reality.  Together we journeyed through major energy shifts.  She was a beautiful companion to have on that leg of my journey and I am deeply grateful.” 
Katie      Oregon

   "Thank you for all the deep clearing you have done on behalf of the sacred land here, myself, and J.  On October 8, our application for a building permit for the new studio was finally accepted -- a great relief, after many delays and difficulties.  We are hoping now to receive the permit itself on schedule, and to be able to build the structure on Nov. 5 & 6. 
My experience in relation to the land -- and in relation to my life -- has lightened.  I notice some residual heaviness that is composed mainly of fear.  I am working to re-train this that has now become an unconscious pattern.  I find I can easily shift the state of mind with little effort, from fear to love, thanks to the clearing work you and Joe have done.  I am so appreciative.

I noticed that I continued to be in an extreme state of what I can only call 'ungrounded victimhood' until I realized that I STILL had not applied the clearing vows and statements which had finally come through in an email to Joyce (after they'd been repeatedly blocked in the emails you sent directly to me).  One morning, at 5:00 a.m., after another night of not sleeping much, I found the copy of the email Joyce had given me several days before, and was about to apply the vows, when, at that moment, J came out into the living room, as she was then awake, too. So, we took that opportunity to do the vow and release statements together -- for the land, and for each of us individually.  We did them all out loud.  The effect was immediate and positive, a very powerful turning point in my process.  The illness I'd been experiencing over several days as something like the flu lifted and hasn't returned.  My clarity of thinking returned, too, as well as a general sense of well-being. 
The result now is that I find I am reconnected to my Soul at a deeper/higher level.  My feelings and inner guidance are more available to me, though it will take some time before I reach the comfort level I had with this in the past.  I feel myself in a process of remembering who I am, and beginning to feel I will be able to reconnect with my soul purpose.
Thank you, Patti. I am so grateful to you for all the time and work and love you have poured into this process of clearing and upliftment.  You have brought great gifts into my life on occasions in the past; now, you bring your love to work in my life again.  I am blessed. Your new skills, coupled with the gifts you were born with, are offering a great service to the world.
The Solomon's Seal has been helping my wrist and also helping J with some hip pain. I will send more dollars as I am able to.  I must replenish the very depleted personal stores first, associated with this long period of lost-ness I have experienced since the fire 18 months ago."

Dana  Oregon

"Thank you so much for your wonderful Reiki treatments given by distance while I was in Alabama caring for family. They and the Soul Clearing have made such a difference in my life and the lives of my family members who you have done clearing work for. The changes have been profound!   I had watched my sister struggle in the process of a difficult divorce situation until you Cleared her, the lawyers and other members involved. Even the children seem more calm and centered around this difficult time. This is absolutely the best gift anyone could give to their loved ones."
Cindy A      Oregon


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