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Nonlocal Healing and Quantum Nonlocality

Just in case you want to have some food for the mind, here’s a select sample. This stuff is pretty far out, but the world of science is coming around. 
Larry Dossey MD has been thinking about invisible forces in healing for 30 years. These articles are highly readable.
Distant Healing: Healing Mediated by Nonlocal Mind
Larry Dossey MD     
Shift Issue #05 • December 2004
Therapeutic Intent/Healing: Bibliography of Research
Compiled by Larry Dossey, M.D., and Stephan A. Schwartz
Extensive annotated review of the literature on nonlocal healing.
How Healing Happens: Exploring the Nonlocal Gap
Larry Dossey MD
Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine Aug 2002
The Scientific and Spiritual Implications of Psychic Abilities
From An Esalen Invitational Conference: Subtle Energies and Uncharted Realms of the Mind, July 2 - 7, 2000
Russell Targ has been studying remote viewing and related subjects at Stanford research. In this excellent article, he predicts, among other things, that non-local healing will become ordinary by 2010.     “…Non-locality may be the most important discovery in all of science, because it means we are inseparably connected to one another.”
Institute of Noetic Sciences
Online Distant Healing Media Library has audio and video interviews with bridge-builders between science and spirit.
Distant Healing Project
Research, Updates, Articles, Bibliography. 
Quantum Nonlocality
If you wish to explore some of the mysteries of the universe we’re moving more into, these articles will help.
Patterns of The Real: Quantum Nonlocality
By Kevin Sharpe and Jon Walgate
Science & Spirit online
“The counter-intuitive truths of quantum physics have justified religion’s long-fought resistance to the bleak, deterministic worldview of classical science. But what now? Kevin Sharpe and Jon Walgate explore the brave new world of nonlocal reality, and its implications for religious understanding.”
Very good explanation of Quantum Non-locality for a non-scientific reader, from a Cal State prof:
Even deeper:
The DVD Series, “Down the Rabbit Hole”, covers a lot of recent scientific openings to strange wonders. It’s an extensive collection of interviews from the talking heads in “What the Bleep Do We Know?”