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Flower Essence Healing
Over the past 17 years, I have been making Flower Essences, the majority from our own garden, some wild-crafted. It has been an adventure in communicating with the essences of the essences -- the devas. I  have come to understand that this tool is so powerful because it operates at a very high level, where the old programming lives, safely out of reach of conscious mind.

So I've moved even more deeply into this ever-expanding and deepening form of vibrational healing. I am confident that my work with this modality supports positive and uplifting changes in the energetic field, including the electrical system and the subtle bodies.  
Flower Essences encourage a gentle, positive, non-invasive refocusing. By rebalancing the energy fields within the body, our Flower Essences support restoration of order in out-of-balance energy systems. Promoting mental clarity and a recharging of positive emotional energy, essences function in higher vibrational levels and support release of unwanted thought patterns and poor mental and emotional habits that may inhibit the healing process.  

Each essence has its own vibrational signature that very gently activates inner movement toward a particular feeling or state. By reading some of the descriptions in the Flower Essence Catalog, you'll see that some of them are quite specific. When they are blended with care, they combine to create an influence that combines the values inherent in each essence, and also becomes something new, a team of agent-allies working together. 
Flower Essences also work well for children and pets. 

Flower Essence Consultations include energy assessment readings to identify your energy system's need and which essences to mix into the custom formulation, which you take home in a one ounce dropper bottle.
Assessments for personal formulas are by appointment - in person, by phone or email. We mail these Essences anywhere.
You can also purchase any of World Energy Healing's own created line (AWEH) in individual one oz bottles.
We have prepared 15 special Essence Blends for major life situations common to all of us.
Flower Essence Catalog

Core Energy Clearing: A Five Session Energy Tuneup
Each session contains elements of Soul Path Clearing,  Reiki, visualization, Flower Essences, and personal energy management training.
A session lasts 1 to 1-1/2 hours,  spaced 7-10 days apart. The process opens doorways to restructuring into a stronger relationship with Self and Soul purpose. Very supportive to moving forward in personal growth and healing.

This work is intended to assist the client in identifying and releasing unwanted energy patterns and establishing new life-supporting patterns, while raising energy levels and awareness of "Who I am".
Five sessions. Works very well by phone.   To order, click here.

Reiki Master Teacher
As a Reiki Master Teacher and experienced energy field practitioner, I am able to assist you toward well-being by providing support to your energy system. My role in the healing session is to offer Reiki energy to the body, allowing your natural healing intelligence to use the energy in the way that best suits your immediate needs.
Reiki is a method of offering Life Source Energy to individuals.  Assisting the body with natural healing processes, it is used in many situations.  Stress reduction.  After injuries. Before, during and after surgeries, during illness.  Reiki assists in pain reduction and overall relaxation.  And the energy moves the chakra system toward balance by relieving emotional and physical blocks of stress and trauma. Reiki strengthens the overall energy structure by releasing energy blocks and promoting an increased harmonious flow throughout the body.
In addition to the below session, I also give attunements and training for individuals interested in having this healing tool, or in upgrading their transmissions.

Reiki Healing Sessions
At each session, you are given the opportunity to participate in the healing process as much or as little as you like. This therapy can be performed either in our home, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or anywhere you want to be treated. I am also able to offer Distant, (non-local in current science talk) Reiki healing sessions.  That is, anywhere you are in the world.  
In-person sessions are supported with a dose of Flower Essences, if you wish.  A take-home personal formulation is $25 at time of session. The essences are amazingly and surprisingly (to most people) powerful and helpful.

To order a clearing or service, click here
To schedule a personal session, email me through the Contact P