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Guided Inner Journey MP3s

Each recording contains a single Guided Inner Journey session. The voice is Joe Casey, who is an experienced guide to inner planes. For more description, click on a title.

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MP3s are $10. Contact us by email for download instructions.

Before Surgery

Listening to this CD in the days or weeks before an operation will reduce stress, and prepare your body, mind, emotions and spirit for the event. It will help you leave the hospital sooner and in better health. You are more likely to recover faster. We need every advantage we can get in the hospital environment.

Basic relaxation techniques, by themselves, are not enough. A surgery is a stressful and demanding body-mind event requiring preparation and training, like an athlete getting ready for a game. Athletes don't just relax. They also train mentally and physically. A review of the research shows "that the best outcomes from pre-operative mind/body interventions are derived when the intervention involves specific 'training' of the body and mind." 
Neil F. Neimark MD, Mind & Body: The Newsletter for Health and Healing, Summer 2002.  www.mindbodymed.com/ 

Why listen to a surgery preparation CD?
Recent studies verify that listening to a properly prepared recording prior to surgery can bring about positive post-surgical outcomes in patients, including: 
1. decreased blood loss during surgery,
2. decreased length of stay in the hospital and 
3. decreased need for post-operative pain medication.
Additional benefits for many patients include improved wound healing and decreased anxiety.

A recent peer-reviewed study found presurgery hypnosis, including recordings, provides a significant advantage over patients receiving standard hospital preparation and care. They concluded:
"The results indicated that patients in hypnosis treatment groups had better clinical outcomes than 89% of patients in control groups. These data strongly support the use of hypnosis with surgical patients."
The Effectiveness of Adjunctive Hypnosis with Surgical Patients: a Meta-analysis; Journal of Anesthesia & Analgesia 2002 Jun;94(6):1639-45, Montgomery; Winkel; Silverstein; Bovbjerg; Ruttenberg Cancer Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine


Healing After Surgery or Injury

This recording helps speed your recovery, and helps you be more comfortable after surgery or injury than you would otherwise be. It includes specific suggestions for immediate reduction of discomfort AND for enhancing the body's ability to repair itself.
Hypnotic relaxation, including guide inner journeys, has been shown to be helpful in managing post-operative pain:

"Randomized controlled studies with clinical populations indicate that hypnosis has a reliable and significant impact on acute procedural pain and chronic pain conditions."
Patterson DR, Jensen MP; Dept of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine; Psychol Bull. 2003 Jul;129(4):495-521;

Healing from incisions or other injuries is generally improved, as well as functional recovery.
"Analysis of variance showed the hypnosis group's objectively observed wound healing to be significantly greater than the other two groups... through 7 postoperative weeks; standard care controls showed the smallest degree of healing. In addition, at both the 1 and 7 week post-surgical observation intervals, one-way analyses showed the hypnosis group to be significantly more healed than the usual care controls.... subjective assessments of postoperative pain, incision healing and functional recovery trended similarly. Results of this preliminary trial indicate that use of a targeted hypnotic intervention can accelerate postoperative wound healing ..."
Am J Clin Hypn 2003 April; Ginandes C, et al; Department of Psychology, Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital.

When you have this one and Before Surgery, you'll be in a great mental-emotional state to ease your path and recover optimally.


Surgery Pack

Both surgery CDs: Before Surgery and Healing after Surgery or Injury at a savings of $4.


Heal Your DNA

Inspired by Bruce Lipton's book, The Biology of Belief, this CD opens mind and heart to possibilities of changing the influences, genetic and thought-field, that affect our health and well-being. Now we know that genes don't express themselves; we determine how they operate in our lives more than has been dreamed until recently.

What if we could dissolve the negative ancestral patterns, while appreciating and enhancing the good ones? What if we can reprogram our genes to express as we intend, rather than letting them be controlled by something predetermined? That is the aim of this CD. 


Ending Internal Strife: Peace Within

Can you imagine being able to create a state of inner peace that might even prevent bad things from happening to you before they appear in your life?  Or preventing illness by changing the thoughts that tend to bring it about? How about greater inner calm? This CD takes you to a higher plane in which you are in a position to bring peace to warring factions inside.

How many illnesses, how many life mishaps, are the results of our our own inner wars?
War has been a central metaphor for humans for many centuries. We are so used to the habit we hardly know how to stop. It's in every fiber of daily life.  The reality is that what’s happening in the outside world is also inside us, and the reverse. Conflict is the paradigm we exist in. But war produces only more war and more thinking about war. 
What if you could step out of that reality tunnel? What if you found the place within that determines peace and war, for yourself? What if you create a new internal model? 
That’s what this CD is for. 


Manifest Your Heart’s Desire
This CD helps you gather your powers -- even subtle powers you are not consciously aware of -- to attract good energy, people and events into your life. The thoughts that occupy our minds most seem to be what we meet in life. Why not fill your mind and heart with what you actually do want?
     Creating in your imagination is a skill you learn with practice. It comes more and more easily with repetition. Listen to this and other similar recordings frequently and notice your concentration and clarity improve.