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Soul Path Clearing

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Soul Path Clearing is a powerful and profound spiritual healing. Everything that happens in our lives has a spiritual cause. Events on all other levels -- mental, emotional and physical -- are effects of spiritual causes. When we are struggling with any challenge, whether ill health, lack of money, a lost job, difficult relationships, an accident -- anything at all, it's all about inner patterns. We clear the blocks to receiving the answers.  Releasing them can transform your life. It is more efficient and less traumatic than almost any form of traditional therapy. The clearing is extensive and thorough. We spend 3-4 hours of concentrated time working on it before talking to you. 
Includes a 60 minute phone consultation, and two check-ins over the following 2-3 weeks, to insure that material stays cleared.
We also provide tools for you to support the maintenance of your energy system in the new levels of consciousness.