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In addition to, or along with, the Soul Path Clearing and Home & Land Clearing, I work with people one-on-one to resolve the emotional and spiritual components of troublesome questions that come up in life. The sessions are usually a mix of Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom methods,and Breath Release,  as well as other methods from constant learning over the past  35 years of research and practice.  They all go together beautifully, when artfully applied.  I have been able to resolve many troubling issues for clients when they had found no satisfaction with 'normal' therapies.

One-on-one sessions are in Eugene, Oregon. Phone and Skype sessions are effective for distant seekers of perspective. 
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Issues for which these methods have been consistently helpful:
Anything that bothers you
No matter what the problem is, up to and including life-threatening illness, there are parts that can be made to feel better. My job is to dissolve the negative emotion around whatever it is. Unwanted habits, patterns, worries, fixations.
Surgery Preparation and Recovery
This is the initial reason that I began the study of hypnosis. I read a peer-reviewed journal article from Mt. Sinai Hospital that reported that patients hypnotized in the weeks before surgery had better clinical outcomes than 89% of the standard care groups.  Not many "interventions" work that well, not since penicillin, at any rate.  Clients have had positive surgery and recovery experiences.

For a convincing collection of research data about hypnosis and surgery,  Click here.

Past Trauma Release
Everything bad that ever happened to us is stored. Anything can be traumatic, depending on how we see it.  
We work together to rebalance the body's energy system and repair disruptions of energy flow. 
We can uncover and often release the unwanted effects of subconscious memory, often covered up by the busy routines of the conscious mind.  The goal is to release the harmful influence of past events and their effects on the present.  
Since many chronic health conditions seem to arise from traumatic events and patterns of abuse, they can improve when we find the relevant old material and release it.

Stress Reduction
Stress is implicated in most illnesses. Dr. Herbert Benson, of Harvard Medical School, has stated that 85% of the presenting symptoms doctors see in their offices are stress-related. There are many forms of stress, ranging from tension about work, money, or health, to the less obvious stressors, such as bad air and water, or noise pollution, which directly tax the body's energy. Often, stress can best be understood as an involuntary or unconscious interpretation of stimuli as threatening. 

There are many ways to help you sleep better -- not just longer, but better, more deeply. Your body repairs itself in deep sleep. You can change your programming around sleep. We access states that allow the unwrapping of the habits and beliefs interfering with restorative sleep.
Getting past phobias can happen more quickly than you expect. 
A phobia is an involuntary response that prevents an action or behavior from happening.   The stimulus does not rationally merit such an extreme reaction, yet it has become attached in the mind/body of the phobic person.
Some phobias are learned responses from an event or pattern of events. 
Most often, phobias develop after a single traumatic event. The initial sensitizing event, or triggering incident, could be anything frightening.  All the circumstances of that event are encoded. When life presents a situation that feels like or resembles the structure of the feared pattern, an involuntary reaction happens.
Each person is unique in how the phobia works, so there's no one thing to do for everyone.
Control of Pain, Increasing Comfort
Your mind plays a role in the experience and management of both chronic and acute pain, You can learn to invoke your body's internal mechanisms to reduce or even eliminate some discomfort or pain. This allows you to reduce the sensation yourself by learning the techniques -- self-hypnosis and/or meridian therapy (emotional and physical energy balancing).  Sometimes the pain is eliminated; sometimes it can be reduced to the point where less medication is required, leading to a higher quality of life.  We're all different.
Pain, or any medical condition, must be evaluated by a licensed medical practitioner.  If there is a medical condition, I must get a referral from the practitioner.

Rejuvenation: Slow Aging, Increase Youthing
The old rules are shifting. You and I are not necessarily subject to the same laws of aging that our grandparents were. We can choose to be free of them and live with new possibilities offered to us by quantum physics and consciousness studies.   
What if you could access:
* Your power to influence your cell manufacture and repair cycles. I invite you to entertain the possibility that you can overrule genetic predispositions. 
* Your ability to release attachment to aging factors. Imagine that it might now be possible to release the pain and stress that can make life seem not worth living; and to let go of response structures that you no longer need, but which keep going all the same.
* Your power to choose patterns, beliefs and assumptions you operate with. Our beliefs are installed from many sources. What if we could make intentional shifts, creating for ourselves new neural pathways for our desired energies?
* Your capacity to install patterns of well-being. Learning how to feel good is a powerful self-healing tool. What if we decide to believe that we can metabolize external toxins so they bring us light and health?
* You no longer have to think of your life and well-being as determined by the thoughts and conditioning you have received from family and society. Step outside of the traditional limitations and see yourself as creating your life straight from within yourself, from Source.

Click here for Client Comments
About Hypnosis
Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation and focused concentration. The definition, according to the US Department of Education, is: "The bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind, followed by the establishment of selective acceptable thoughts."
If you have ever suspected that you have a place of power within you that you could access -- a place from which your choices had more power than usual -- you might be open to entertaining the possibility that here's a useful tool for healing from within.  In trance states, most clients can see themselves and their concerns with a heightened clarity. Everyday waking consciousness takes a break. The subconscious mind is a channel for more direct communication with the mind-body field.
It is an altered state of consciousness that you allow yourself to enter with the guidance of a hypnotist. You are in control all the time, you always know what is happening, and you can come out of the state at any time in the same way you can snap out of a compelling daydream. Many people experience this natural state daily. For example, if you have ever been absorbed in a book or film to the point of feeling as if you were actually there, that 's a form of hypnosis.
The most insightful way of looking at hypnosis is, I believe, to see it as a means of waking from the greater trance of conditioning by family and society. We are all trained to adopt and maintain certain beliefs - the "right" ways to think and behave, the limits we are taught to agree to, what states of mind and body are acceptable, what body functions to feel ashamed about, even what products to consume.
Within the hypnotic state, you can access levels of mind which influence your body's responses and activities. You can bypass the barriers to limiting thoughts and feelings. Suggestions are more likely to be acted upon -- automatically, in body-mind -- than is likely in everyday social awareness.
My practice is client-centered: I work to assist you in attaining the results you want and select. I act as a coach and guide to help you create your desired changes and evolve according to your most powerful wishes. Your part is a skill set you easily learn with practice, consisting mainly of getting used to working with it and permitting your imaginative skills to develop.

There is also a growing body of scientific study, called Psychoneuroimmunology, or PNI, which is showing that the mind is directly linked to our immune systems. Your body is capable of producing, from within, an incredible array of healing substances, when you know how to ask. Techniques used in hypnotherapy can affect our physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Suppose, for example, you could learn to generate neuropeptides at will to nourish and strengthen the cells of your immune system? Everyone has such ability, but it's mostly been dormant.
Why does hypnosis work well? Because subconscious mind is amenable to control through suggestion. It produces more of what you suggest to it with your thoughts. Whatever you think of, your subconscious mind will produce more of that in your life. Present conditions are the result of thought.  Hypnosis opens access to a place where you have conscious recognition of which thoughts you usually choose. It can open the way for you to select new thoughts - to bring you more of what you really want -- rather than more of what you don't want.
To sum up: using hypnosis, you can:
* Invite your body and mind to make positive changes you want
* Improve your self-healing power and accelerate the body's rate of healing
* Overcome life-long fears and phobias
* Eliminate or reduce 'flashbacks' that often follow a traumatic experience
* Be confident and improve performance: public speaking, sports, for example
* Lower blood pressure
* Enhance immune function
* Develop new healthful habits
* Prepare for dental or medical procedures, recover faster with less pain
* Enhance aliveness and vitality, become younger in every way
* And much more...

About Emotional Freedom
I've been working with EFT since 2002.  I have found these methods to be very helpful for many seemingly intractable problems. In short, it is a way to clear negative emotions, beliefs, habits, discomforts and pretty much anything that bothers you. 

The Center for Disease Control has declared that negative emotions are behind 85% of physical illnesses.   
Emotional Freedom Techniques are, especially when combined with hypnosis, breathing, and experience,  the most effective methods I've heard of for resolving negative emotion. 

That's my opinion, of course.  I work with EFT to address and resolve symptoms and causes of issues that impinge on the experience of joy in daily life. EFT has been an incredibly useful tool to help clients find relief from a wide array of concerns.

A considerable amount of research is collected at this site.

EFT sessions are an ideal complement and follow-up to Soul Path Clearing. With EFT, we bring remaining emotional issues into focus in present time.

When negative emotions have been around for a while, a person might find it hard to locate health and happiness. Emotional well-being is essential to physical health.  EFT offers fascinating possibilities of letting go of blocks, stress, and all sorts of undesirable stuff.  EFT is truly a lovely gift. 
Click here for a printable Tapping Chart

More About Emotional Freedom Work
The following valuable illumination of EFT is from "The Intriguing Procedure that has Health Practitioners Ecstatic: An Often 'Instantaneous' Treatment for PTSD, Phobias, Pain and Hundreds of Ailments", by Lindsay Kenny.

"...How Does it Work?

In order to understand how this surprisingly effective process works, it's important to look at the "Discovery Statement", which is the foundation for EFT...                        

'The cause of ALL negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system.'
In other words, every negative emotion we experience, including depression, anger, frustration, stress, grief, guilt, anxiety, fear, etc. is a result of a blockage somewhere in the body's energy system. This life-force energy is carried by the body's meridian system through tiny pathways, much as arteries and vessels carry the body's blood. This principle, of course is second nature to acupuncturists. When that energy is blocked or disrupted by a traumatic or unpleasant event such as being dumped by our sweetheart, feeling pressured by a deadline, or being ridiculed by our boss, the resulting effect would be a negative emotion - like sadness, embarrassment, stress, humiliation or anger.  
There is another step in the equation, however. If someone insults you, for example, the end result would most likely be anger. What actually happens first, however, is that the insult causes a disruption somewhere in your body's energy pathways. It's that disruption that causes the negative emotion of anger....not the insult itself.  

The Real Culprit
In other words, there's an interim step we never recognized before that's the real villain in the equation. It's the disruption of our energy that causes the negative emotion. So rather than just the cause and affect of insult = anger, it's actually insult + energy disruption = anger. When we're injured we experience pain. And when our energy system is "injured" or blocked we experience a negative emotion. This was only discovered until about 25 years ago (although knowledge of the meridian system is 4000 years old). Assuming this formula is true (and experience suggests that it is), then the logical conclusion is: if we can dissipate the energy disruption, the resulting negative emotion will be eliminated as well. And that is exactly what happens when applying EFT."  
Statements of Enthusiasm for EFT from Other Practitioners
"Without question, EFT has been the most valuable tool I have ever learned in clinical medicine. If I could only keep one tool that I learned it would have to be EFT."   
Joseph Mercola DO

 "Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do, EFT will be one of their primary healing tools, as it is for me." 
Eric Robins, MD

"In addition to several emotional issues, I have used EFT for impressive relief for many physical problems including Hiatal Hernia, Candidiasis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The process is gentle and often provides benefits where other methods fail." 
Raul Vergini, MD Italy

"EFT has been, for me, the single most effective technique I've used in my 45 years of practice as a psychiatrist. I've had success with panic, social anxiety and many other disorders." 
Curtis Steele, MD, Canada

"EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior." 
Bruce Lipton PhD