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Joe's Client Feedback


Successful Surgery
"Thank you so much 
for the help you gave me before my operation. It made possible my being able to lower my anxiety and approach the operation with a sense of power and control instead of being blown away with my anxieties.  Your book is also a great help in the days since the operation."   VK  Oregon

Steady Improvement Over Time

"I wanted to express my gratitude to you for guiding me along steadily in these last 6 years!  It was really nice to meet you in person, finally, Upon returning to work - I feel more grounded and secure internally.
Interestingly, I guided a friend through an EFT session and it was quite profpund  Similar to Reiki, as I felt I got a release, too. As always, I'll continue to recommend you with zeal.  Hard work, but it pays off in so many unexpected ways."  TP Oregon


"Joe Casey is one of the greatest connections I have made in my life.  Joe's mastery of the subtleties of house and soul energies, and how to clear these quickly is astounding, and truly life changing. He is professional, caring, compassionate, and able to clearly articulate his findings when you book a house/soul clearing.  
Prior to meeting Joe, my home environment was extremely chaotic. I had moved into a large beach front condo in Long Beach, which I thought would be an ideal place for me. However I had experienced ,prior to Joe clearing my soul/house, terrifying and chaotic vibrations. I had a neighbor who was a drunk with 6 children. There was child abuse involved, and the police were out to the resident nearly daily. There was a discordant tenant below me who was a drug addict, and we could smell all kinds of toxic fumes through the walls. I ended up very ill with hives, respiratory issues and panic attacks as well as depression. As a psychic intuitive myself, I fell open to chaotic energies from the environment around me.  We also had a schizophrenic down the street, and other discordant issues.  About 2 weeks after the clearing, the neighbors next door moved away. A miracle, the drug addict below me was evicted, and the neighborhood become more peaceful.. 

The journey I have experienced after the soul clearing has been a challenging one but also I see major expansion in clearing many life long traumas including abuse, negative relationship patterns, abandonment issues, etc.  I have worked with Joe with flower essences, EFT and Healing Codes, to enhance the initial clearings. His friendship and support have been a vital link to my continual expansion, and strengthening through life challenges.
The majority of the world is just not aware of how energies from other realms, karmic and ancestral contracts, EMFs and other disturbances can affect our whole life.  Let Joe assist you on the path of ascension, that you may experience greater peace in your home and spirit.  I'm blessed with the help/coaching Joe has provided me, and my friends I have referred to him. 
Give yourself the gift of a higher vibrational energy. " 
J. Ross  Long Beach CA

  Tooth Extraction With No Chemical Anesthesia - Hypnosis Only
"I am writing with a very, very, very belated though heartfelt thank you! I kept meaning to write and would forget and so I am finally attending to it. You were wonderful when I had my tooth pulled. The major discomfort I felt the day of the oral surgery (severe headache etc.) was actually due to a virus and when I was treated for that I felt fine. I had virtually no swelling after the surgery, bled very little and had very little pain. I healed very quickly. It was truly wonderful and I appreciate all of your help, support and expertise. Again, thank you very much."
AK  Oregon

Three Years Constant Pain
"Doing amazingly well today (Monday), working around the house, getting stuff done, walking without my cane and have not needed any Oxycontin since before meeting Friday." 
Six days later
"Well, everything has been going great. I have very little pain. Even if I sit for a bit of time and get up, it is not painful but it has a bit of discomfort. Pain level about a 1.  I use the EFT about twice a day. I do not have to use the cane or any medications, as I don't need them. Today I went shopping at Jerry's and I walked all over the place and did not use a cane or push a shopping cart for support. This is the first time in three years I have been pain free. I thank you so much."   
Jim L.     Oregon

Snake Phobia
"Just had to tell you that I finally came across one of those"critters".   We were hiking in Westfir and one was lying right in the path.   It was pretty lethargic in the sun, but one of the group got it to move and I actually STOOD there and WATCHED it go across the path and over the side!! I was as shocked as the rest of the group that I could do it!!  WOW!!   It feels so good to be able to be out on the trails and not be frightened." 
CS      Oregon
"A thousand blessings on you.
I have tapped and cried until I got to a place where I could tap
and smile. I'll stop when I can tap and laugh.
Tonight: prostration, gratitude, vision for Christmas.
Like Jimmy Cagney said in that movie about the songwriter Cohan: my mother thanks you, my father thanks you, and my brother thanks you. And of course me. I'm eternally grateful."
Darlene R       California
Cancer -- Low Energy
"Just wanted to let you know how much I got out of our session. I felt pretty punk when we started, but within a short time after I left, my stomach felt much better, I could feel my appetite coming back, and I had at least twice the energy I did when we started. I was even able to go out and do some yard work I'd been putting off till I felt better. I was hoping for some sort of long term results, but the immediate benefits were a welcome bonus. I'm anxious to try out the other procedures you gave me.
I discovered the cancer support group meeting is next week instead of this one, but I will certainly be talking you up to the group and to my doctors. I'd love to see more patients getting this kind of help."
2nd Email
"You did even better than I thought. When I went in for my chemo treatment they had to cancel because my white and red blood cell count was so low. The fact you could energize me under those conditions is nothing short of amazing."
Thanks again,   Ray M         Oregon

Increasing Joy
"What a joy it is working with you! It is exactly what we intended - increasing our use of tapping, solidly supporting our intentions for wholeness, joy, etc. Thank You"   
AK       Oregon

Freeway Driving - Intense Panic
"Couldn't put it off any longer I guess so at 7 this morning I warmed up the old rig and skidded my way toward the dreaded freeway. Fog, ice yikes, maybe this isn't such a great idea, oh what the hell got to press on. Much to my delight it was a wonderfully uneventful ride. Here, there and all over the place, even followed the de-icer trucks for several miles. At any rate it's great to be able to get back on these roads, a big step in the right direction. I've also planned a trip to Portland over the break and I'm almost looking forward to tackling several of those big bridges. Thanks much for the help."
Alex G        Oregon
Love Pain
"Thanks for what you did for me. Today, at the very least, I'm not a basket case. There is still intermittent pain and whatnot, but now I have tools."   
Frank C       California
Fear That Boss Is Angry at Her, and She Is Disliked
"I just wanted to write and say thank you and let you know how things have been going since our appointment. I was really interested in going through some experiences that we had worked with: the meeting up with my boss at work and picking tunes at a music session. So I finally caught up with my boss today. In the moment of our interaction, I still felt that rush of fear, though I was able to remain calm in my part of the conversation. But afterward, I was able to believe, at least to a degree, that she really wasn't angry with me, or thought I was doing bad, that, hey, I may be seen in a positive light, so to speak. This is much better than I was doing before. It felt kind of weird, but in a good way.
 The music session went good. People actually liked the tunes I picked. I didn't feel nearly as threatened as I felt before   I fell into my old fear pattern of thinking I would never get to play a tune or if I did I would be disliked. I pulled out of it and got through the rest of the evening.
 Overall, I feel I can trust people a little more, that I am not disliked quite so much. If these changes could become really permanent that would be fabulous! We'll just have to see. 
Thank you so much,"   
Stephanie      Oregon
Sleep Issues
"I want to thank you form the bottom of my solar plexus! This is one of the first nights in a long time that I have slept soundly for 6 hours... My mind immediately started to evaluate and digest my immediate recent events. Capturing these thoughts, and sharing them with you, is my way of settling down what is, letting go, and moving on! I am thanking you from the bottom of my 'solar plexus', for I still have some 'jumpy' feelings there. I have had such a disconnect from my head to my heart and gut... I've been tapping to 'allow the reconnection of the chakras' and quite honestly, I don't want these little jumpy feelings in my gut to dissipate - just yet- because it is one of the first times I truly do feel joyful and connected. I actually feel some (more) congruence in my body as a total entity than I've ever felt before."
2 weeks later
"I tapped on the red, hot pain of arthritis in the middle finger of my left hand. The test was how it would feel this morning. I'm glad I expressed the fear I had that it would swell and be stiff and sore in the morning - so you suggested we tap on that fear. I am ecstatic to tell you how very mobile and cool feeling this finger is this morning! There is still some swelling, a touch of stiffness and minor soreness, but nothing like what I've had for the last number of mornings. I just have a feeling that it may take a while for all the swelling to abate. I woke up once at about 1AM and noticed increased finger stiffness from when I'd gone to bed - so I immediately tapped on 'this stiffness'. One short round - then back to bed. 
My sleep is improving immensely - last night I got 6 straight hours without a wake-up. What a blessing! I think with the sleep habits changing so positively that other positive changes are happening inside too. I still have just a few crappy nights, but they are getting less and less. Yeah!"    
GS  Oregon
Sleep Issues
"I can't thank you enough for your contribution to my path.
One simple yet profound tool you gave me has to do with sound. As I told you, I struggled with terribly difficult sleep and insomnia issues for about 25 years. I have added a lot to my list of "I've tried everything" over the years.
Extreme sensitivity to sound when trying to sleep, and mind-chatter were two facets of my nights. Every little tiniest sound would send my heart speeding back up, and I'd be alert and awake, and off my mind would go. It was exhausting.
Through your treatment you told me "You are an energy Being. Sound passes right through you." So many times now as I go to sleep (without earplugs!) I hear that phrase, I take a few gentle deep breaths, the mind chatter recedes, and I'm actually asleep! Inexpressibly wonderful!"   
LM    Oregon

"I have had your sleep CD for much longer than I dare admit.  I finally got a mini-boom-box and started listening to it at bedside.I have found it VERY helpful.  Within just a few days I am sleeping deeper and longer!  Thank you.  I still wake up a couple of times during the night, but I just hit the button and listen again.......        and ZZZZZZZ."
BE  Oregon
"I am noticing a lot of differences in my ability to be present and connect with other people since our session- really a huge leap forward for me. For instance I feel like I can get nuances of things said to me by people I know where as before I would assume I knew a lot of what they were going to say (putting them in some sort of box based on what I expected from them because of the past) and not listen as closely as I can now. This is a form of living in the past as well as having a relationship with a projection instead of the actual person in that moment."  
FS      Oregon
Weight Management
"When I first came to see Joe, I had already lost over 60 pounds but I was at a plateau that I just couldn't break. I had been hypnotized before and I really enjoyed the experience but I never really got any real results in the area of weight management. From the first session with Joe I knew this experience was going to be different. I've found over the years that whoever asks the best questions, gets the best answers. Joe Casey asks GREAT questions. He completely designed a program specifically for me. He helped me learn new tools for coping with old habits and thought patterns, and he exuded such a feeling of joy not only in the work he was doing with me, but also for life. Joe inspired me to depend on myself from deep within my core being to find my way though the sometimes dark tunnel that leads to full expression. Did I lose weight while under Joe's care? YES! But more than that, I continued to drop my excess weight weeks after working with him, and I can now say that I completely and deeply love and accept myself."

KG       Oregon