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House and Property Clearing

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We work with – and clear - the discordant energies affecting a property. And we harmonize the relationship between a place and the people and animals who live and/or work there.

Just as people are emotionally and physically affected by traumatic events, energies of buildings and land are also affected by events in and around them, and continue to radiate those energies until cleared. Human emotional energy can cling to objects and locations, and be picked up by anyone on an unconscious level. 

Removal of discordant spirits and dark energies, Cleansing of negative emotional imprints, Clearing earth energy lines, Shielding and Blessing. This clearing is thorough. You will notice many improvements. No site visit necessary.
Includes a 60 minute phone consultation and two check-ins over the following 2-3 weeks, to insure that material stays cleared.
We also provide tools for you to support the maintenance of the property's energy at high levels.