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 Patti Leahy and Joe Casey are partners in bringing together the set of knowledge and practices that make up World Energy Healing.  A wonderful contrast of experiences and backgrounds in healing work gives us lots to teach each other and our clients and students.  Our goal is to enable and encourage those who work with us to grow in confidence and abilities as self-healers and channels for well-being. 
Everyone is a healer.

Patti Leahy
I am currently involved in volunteering on the Herb Team for Occupy Medical, a free-to-all medical and herbal clinic in Eugene. This includes: Making, custom labeling and packaging six of our Flower Essence Blends, and the herbal salves, oils and tinctures from this web site, plus more that we have developed to meet patient needs.
I am also co-ordinating with other volunteers the collection of donated bottles and jars from local stores; and organizing herb collection, both wildcrafted and from friendly gardeners, herb processing (separating, drying, formulating and making available for patient  use).Working and sharing with other's interested in herbal medicine-making techniques has shownm me the joys of teaching and learning with other supportive groups.
Connecting with Occupy Medical and working with other volunteers to support my community and humanity - through the natural gifts and relatioship I have with the plant kingdom - most definitely fulfills my sense of Soul Purpose.


A little over 10 years ago I “Woke Up”.  I was sick and hovering near death from environmental poisoning, feeling stuck in a life that had no purpose.   Nine years working for a telecommunication organization while struggling to keep a family and decaying marriage together was more than any being should endure. The building I worked in was flooded with toxins while being remodeled, my home was energetically and emotionally toxic, toxins permeated all levels of my experience and awareness.

A voice within urged me to choose life, real life.
I was transformed almost overnight.  Same me, but different thoughts. especially about what I'm doing here.  I was still very ill, but I sensed what I had to do.  First, I had to heal my body.  Traditional medicine was not effective in supporting my well being. I realized I would have to find the way to heal myself. I also had to review the toxic patterns and relations that got me to that place.  I had been living day to day to please someone – husband, employer, church, community, denying the existence of my own inner being.
Getting clearer in all areas of my life was necessary to truly LIVE.  So I began to explore what else was available that would not only assist my healing, but engage me in a more meaningful, supporting role in this lifetime. This set me on a course of searching for healing modalities that would enhance the natural gift I have for healing.
Shortly after leaving the phone company and my marriage, I became aware that I could use my body to transfer and direct positive energy that promoted healing.  And I suddenly knew, or realized, that I had the ability to clear negative energies and influences from other people and places, assisting them on their path to wholeness. 
I started relying on my intuition and relationship with the plant kingdom after learning while hiking in the woods that I was receiving information about some of the local Northwest plants. Upon researching, some of those plants have turned out to be extremely beneficial to my well being. I still have these intuitive experiences with plants and energy today.
I believe these abilities are partly due to my 20-year spiritual practices of daily prayer and meditation, or connection to Source.

Meeting weekly for 5 years with a small, disciplined study group to explore our soul makeup taught me to use and increase my spiritual and energetic abilities to a greater potential for serving humanity. This training opened my awareness to other realms of my existence and was the beginning of Soul Path Clearing. I knew I had been a naturally spiritual person, praying and meditating daily.  I had a natural gift of healing and working with herbs. Now I know I have spent many lifetimes as a healer and herbalist.  I have continued studying.

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner, healing, attuning and teaching others to heal themselves and become healers.
I am Certified in Beginning and Advanced Soul Response Therapy. Using skills and methods learned in these trainings, I now have developed the ability to clear people and places anywhere in the world. I continue growing along with world evolution to assist others by addressing blocks, challenges, and interfering spiritual beings and energies, removing what can be removed to bring about higher consciousness and fulfillment of purpose.
As a Lightworker,  I regularly facilitate gatherings, conduct Ceremonies, Rituals and Meditations for the purpose of raising consciousness through intentional connection with Higher Self and Life Source, or God.
Continuing my Herbalism vocation, I study Michael Tierra's East West Herb Course, as I apply my experience and knowledge of herbs with my other healing methods.
Many lifetimes of Being experiences are now applied to assisting others in clearing and healing their physical and soul energy spaces

Joe Casey 
In 1970, I was a young Washington DC lawyer with experience at the US Department of Justice and as Legislative Assistant to a Member of Congress.  Almost overnight, everything dissolved – marriage, work, house, and confidence in improving the world through politics.

I found myself unable to function in my old world. I was a mess and needed to find healing, whatever that was. And maybe even enlightenment, whatever that was.  Not knowing how else to function, I followed instructions from inside.  The pressing need was to repair my emotional pain. Years of talk therapy had been interesting, but I was hoping for more. Effective methods of deep emotional healing were pretty much unknown to conventional medicine or psychotherapy, as they are now. One day, though, an oddly transformative thought lodged in my brain: What about the pursuit of happiness? Isn't that, along with life and liberty, the great promise of America?

Happiness for me turns out to be connecting with healers and spiritual teachers for whom love is a presence, and looking for better approaches for healing trauma, sadness, pain and misery.

I came to realize that it is possible to find and heal the wounds in our souls responsible for emotional pain. Or perhaps I should say it's possible to learn to know with confidence when you're moving in the right direction on a healing path. I found effective ways to help others. They are not widely known, but available to independent adventurous souls.  

Discovering the power of non-local clearing and healing has changed my perspective forever. I hope you'll have a look at the Resources page. The articles are mind-expanding. They invite us to consider the limitless possibilities for expansion available to us.  And when you entertain possibilities, they'll probably entertain you back.

My aim is to fill the world with healers. Everyone can act as a healer of self and of others. We all have the power. It’s more a matter of believing in it enough to allow it to come through. There’s a method for every personality. We can all do something.

I am a Reiki Master, an Advanced Emotional Freedom practitioner, Conscious Breath coach, hypnotherapist, and co-creator of Soul Path Clearing. I work with clients in person, by phone, in groups, and non-locally.

My book, The Surgery Coach: Mind-Body Preparation for Faster, Better Recovery, has helped many people to optimal hospital experiences. I have recorded several powerful Guided Inner Journeys to speed healing.  I am the editor and original publisher of The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment, a 70s and 80s cult favorite, with over one million sold.