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Poo Potion Blend

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Please pardon the name. It was chosen by popular acclaim. We tried to call it "Perception", but it didn't stick.
This blend is aimed at relieving grumpiness, releasing attraction to thoughts that underlie a (hopefully temporary) negative outlook, and letting go of attraction to negative people and situations.  
We think its good effects come from encoding patterns of thought more in line with High Self, which supports loving yourself enough to be able to know what's good for you and what's not.  This greater clarity can lead to greater love and compassion, as one is no longer accepting toxic mimics of actual beneficial thoughts and emotions.  You're likely to find yourself laughing at events and people who might have annoyed you.

This blended formulation is made up of:
Ajuga (Variegated), Blueberry, Calendula, Cayenne Pepper, Hibiscus, Mock Orange, Oak, Penstemon, Red Raspberry, Summer Squash; and Perelandra's Moon, Soul Rays #3 and #7.

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