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Ascension Blend

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During a process of expansion of consciousness, we are called upon (from within) to re-assemble ourselves to contain new energies.  Our physical bodies need to be integrated with our emotional, mental, and physical bodies - with soul and spirit.  When Jesus spoke of old skins not being able to contain new wine, he was talking about consciously re-forming our physical-emotional vehicles to become more able to live in and contain higher states.
This Ascension Essence Blend is intended to pull together, strengthen, and align physical and emotional bodies, creating a stronger core and foundation for higher level expansion. One effect is to redirect "ascension-itis" symptoms into energy for integration, by easing physical and emotional resistance to sometimes scary higher level energies.
Helps let go of attraction and attachment to low-vibrating energies (those not so good for your higher being).

Calls forth sound judgment, which arises from the balance and core sense of Self this formulation intends.  Acts to rebalance excess or shortage of inner Judge. To have excess is to separate oneself, stuck in duality. To judge too little, when appropriate judgment is called for, implies disrespect to one's core being. 
Raises vibrations sufficiently to support new awareness and ideas.

In sum, this blend has proved itself helpful for preparing the body-mind-heart-soul, as one, to move upward with relative smoothness on the inevitably bumpy road to further illumination. 

Ingredients:  Flower Essences of Parsley, Arugula, Plantain, Thyme, Fuchsia, Cosmos, Petunia, Lobelia, Radicchio, White Lightning Rose, Oregold Rose, Mr. Lincoln Rose, Soul Ray #6. The first 9 essences are from our garden. The last 4 are Perelandra essences.

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