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Ending Internal Strife: Peace Within

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The main theme is to bring peace at the imaginal, or creative, level. This recorded session works nearer the source, at a higher, more effective level than the state in which a 'problem' exists. It can help dissolve the causes of misfortune by quieting inner factors that attract negative situations. At this level, you are not fighting symptoms (which would just be more inner conflict), but engaging in beneficial and preventive self-healing.

Many diseases involve cells attacking and killing other cells inside the body: the range of auto-immune illnesses are like that.  It has proved highly useful in practice to consider such conditions as inner conflict that has reached the point of becoming expressed in the physical body.  And even before it’s become physical, unresolved inner war has typically already exacted an emotional and mental toll. Why not heal it at the source? 

Please listen only when you can focus for 25 minutes, lying down or relaxed in a chair. Please do not play while driving or riding in a car, or otherwise moving about.