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Flower Essences Intro

Flower Essence Therapy is a form of vibrational healing that supports changes in the human energy field, especially shifts in the subtle bodies.  The essences encourage a gentle, positive, non-invasive refocusing, supporting balance of mental clarity while recharging positive emotional energy.  The effects operate at deep levels.  

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Our AWEH Label Flower Essences carry high vibrational levels that tend to promote a corresponding elevation of consciousness in people, which aids release of stressful thought patterns and brings us more in touch with our own higher natures.  

By rebalancing the personal energy fields, Flower Essences support restoring order in a body/energy system that is out of balance.

The essences have also proved helpful to animal allies, whose energy systems respond well, balancing   the personal energy fields, 

These essences are made in and from our garden with the aim of assisting personal and planetary evolution.

Flower essences can be used in conjunction with other healing modalities without harmful interaction, and can often work to support greater effectiveness of those modalities for the whole body and energy system.



Flower Essence Blends                                      
All Flower Essence blends are preserved with 25% Brandy. Vinegar based of every formula can be made on request. 
Allowing Blend
Supports being comfortable in your own skin enough to allow others to be whoever, and however they are in the moment.  Redirects victimization tendencies and over sensitive empathy responses.
Contains Flower Essences: Blueberry, Fennel, Fuchsia, Hibiscus, Mock Orange, Parsley, Sunflower 

Ascension Blend
This Ascension Essence Blend is intended to pull together, strengthen, and align physical and emotional bodies, creating a stronger core and foundation for higher levels of Being. Easing physical and emotional resistance to sometimes scary higher level energies.
Helps loosen attraction and attachment to low-vibrating energies. Helps inner balance, which calls forth sound judgement and core sense of Self.  Acts to re-balance excess or shortage of inner judgement. 
Contains Flower Essences : Parsley, Arugula, Plantain, Thyme, Fuchsia, Cosmos, Petunia, Lobelia, Radicchio, White Lightning Rose, Oregold Rose, Mr. Lincoln Rose, Soul Ray #6. The first 9 essences are from our garden. The last 4 are Perelandra essences.

Attachment Release Blend
Helps gain  independence from unhealthy relationships and groups, cordings, loss of love.  And all sorts of subtler attachments to ways of being and habitual actions that aren't so good for us. The theme is return to self when power has been placed outside - in a person or thing. Contains Flower Essences:  Agrimony, Angelica, Calendula, Cherry Plum, Crab Apple, Golden Ear Drops, Milkweed, Oak, Penstemon, Sunflower, Zinnia, and from Perelandra. Oregold Rose and Soul Rays 3,5, 7, 8 
Beyond the Veils
Helping to see beyond the situation by loosening the false perceptions holding us in separation. Separation with others, with community, with higher self relations, or Spiritual knowledge. 
Contains Flower Essences: Arugala, Butternut Squash, Chicory, Deutzia, Petunia, Pineapple Sage, Red Raspberry, Tomato  
Breaking Through!
A blend for those who want to break out from a situation that is not serving Soul Intention. For rewriting the story - creating a new narrative. The underlying principles of this blend are support for breakthrough into assuming ownership of the new versions.. Helps with the feelings that seem to accompany feeling stuck.
Contains Flower Essences:   Alyssum, Apple Blossom, Chicory, Lettuce, Patty Pan Squash, Petunia, Plantain, Radicchio, St. John's Wort, all from our garden. 
Chakra Harmony
A tonic and harmonizer for all chakras in the body system. Helps to strengthen the inter-relationships of all the bodies within an individual's energy system.  Helps restore strength and harmony during recovery from illness, including  before and after surgery.  Useful for the range of emotions related to anger and, more broadly, the over-long holding of any emotion that carries even a tinge of obsession. 
Contains Flower Essences: Alyssum, Blueberry, Borage, Fuchsia, Holly, Re-Union Blend, Thyme, Zucchini, and from Perelandra Essences: Eclipse, White Lightning, Royal Highness Roses, V-1, Soul Rays 1 and 7.

Crisis Care                                            
For shock and trauma situations. Similar to Rescue Remedy. Helps take the edge off anxiety.  Eases overwhelm of stress, fear, panic, terror, emotional pain.  Useful for teething, also.  Have it with you for possible upsetting situations, planned or unplanned. Reduces repetitive thought chattering. Enhances a clearing of the mind, supporting trust of self, positive warm-hearted  expressions, aligning the heart with goodwill for self and others, allowing movement into states of forgiveness, gentleness and inner peace.
Contains Flower Essences: Plantain, Thyme, Beet, Calendula, Lettuce ;FES- Agrimony; Power of Flowers -Trillium; and Perelandra's -Mr Lincoln Rose    
Grace in Grieving
Experiencing the processes of grief at times of loss is not only natural, but healthy.  We realize that over time us humans have accumulated entangle emotional patterns that can inhibit us from gracefully moving through these stages.  We all tend to develop corded bonds that affect us and our object of grief.  Be it a beloved member of our life, a completion in school or group activity, loss of a material thing, like home, car or just relocating to another community. This blend releases and untangles mis created guilt, shame, blame, expectations, and other unrelated but associated emotions we find as imbalanced attachments holding us hostage.  
This Blend supports our ability to function in our lives and soul purpose, while honoring the process of moving through the grief stages with motivation, strength, and a renewed belief in our own power and goodness.             
Contains Flower Essences: Fig, Marshmallow, Red Flowering Chestnut, Mock Orange, Comfrey, Scarlet Runner Bean, Arugala         
Life Changes
Supporting a sorting out and releasing of the habits, and patterns no longer being used and/or needed as we step into new arenas of living and being. Very useful when entering new jobs, relationships, moving, shifts in family structure such as when an adult child leaves home, etc. Contains flower Essences: Lobelia, Broccili, Okra, Perelandra's Roses:Royal Highness, Sonia Soul Ray #8
Poo Potion
To put it bluntly, this blend is for transforming poopy thinking and releasing attraction to stinky thinkers.  Aligns thoughts more with High Self, which supports loving yourself enough to be able to know what's good for you and what's not.  This greater clarity can lead to greater love and compassion, as one is no longer accepting toxic mimics of truly beneficial thoughts and emotions.          Contains Flower Essences: Ajuga (Variegated), Blueberry, Calendula, Cayenne Pepper, Hibiscus, Mock Orange, Oak, Penstemon, Red Raspberry, Summer Squash; and Perelandra's Moon, Soul Rays #3 and #7 
Re-Union With Self
We really need all our pieces under one roof to feel whole. Re-integrating parts of Self that have been separated, this blend helps with the complex array of emotions when we feel we have lost something of value. We may have parts of our selves that remain in that lost love, home, friend, job status, or any fall from our ideal.
For easing pain and negative reactions of separation from Love; obsessive thoughts of winning him, or her, or it, back; for being overly invested in a person, or circumstance. Helps redirect creativity back to Soul Purpose. Ease of warding off or finessing negative or harmful outside influences.         Contains Essences of:  Apple Blossom. Blueberry, Calendula, Comfrey, Fennel, Fig Lettuce, Petunia, Thyme; Perelandra's Roses; White Lightning, Tiffany, Eclipse, Moon and Bowl 
Season's De-stress
Getting through the added activities and expectations of seasonal changes, celebrations and holidays. For many of us that includes letting go of past disappointments and the grieving of years gone by. Supporting a natural transition as seasons shift.  Relieving guilt and dread for the undone while being nudged by necessity to change our thoughts and habits. A  welcoming expansion for what is developing now.  Contains  Flower Essences: Lobelia, Broccoli Yellow rose, Pink wild rose, Okra,  Perelandra's collection: Soul Ray #8, and Bacteria 2. 
Shine ON!
Bringing those new or healed inner vibrations and patterns to the surface. Allowing that part of who you are to shine out in positive radiance. Contains Flower Essence: Sunflower, Borage, Calendula, Chives, Leek, Nasturtium, Patty Pan Squash, Rosa Caudata 
Up Your Worth
Aids in dissolution of cultural and ancestral devaluing beliefs and programs in relation to earning and having.  Enhances sense of self-worth, allows room for seeing the beauty in All.  Loving what is.  Getting free from beliefs that restrict receiving. Supports creation of new patterns of manifestation.  Crystal and copper infused.  We also intoned the Gayatri Mantra into this blend. 
Contains Flower Essences:  Calendula, Thyme, Cosmos, Fuchsia, Lettuce, Radish, Parsley, Soul Ray #8. 
Winter Shine
For those winter dark and down days.  Lightens up your outlook and output. Puts some shine in your energy field. For those days , weeks, sometimes months when the less sunny days kinda get to us.  A little boost can go a long ways.  Brighten up.
Contains: Sunflower, Borage, Calendula, Chives, Leek, Nasturtium, Patty Pan squash, Wild rose( Rosa Caudata)
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*Single Essences  $12 postpaid in the US.
One oz. bottle of any one from our catalog.
*Phone Consultation, Evaluation and Formulation $70 ppd. in the US.
* Personal Formulation without consultation $35 ppd. in US  
*Custom formulation personally blended for you - one oz.  Includes energy field assessment and blend of  essences most beneficial to you. Mostly from our garden; sometimes the formula calls for some essences from other makers. 

*Premade Formulations $18 ppd. in the US.
We've dowsed some combinations for feelings, circumstances and issues shared by a lot of us now. Right now, we want you to know, most of all, that our AWEH Ascension Blend is really helpful these days, particularly for those with "ascension-itis."   Click just below.

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