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Herbal Products Catalog > Calendula Blend Soother Salve 3 oz
Calendula Blend Soother Salve 3 oz

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Originally formulated for my grandchildrens' diaper rashes, this Blend has many other beneficial and useful skin healing properties.  It is amazingly effective for rashes, itching, mild burns, insect bites and stings, cuts and scrapes, dry skin, sunburns. Wonderful to use on children, great for massages. A natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral formula. It is also soothing to the area around the surgery site after most operations. 
The salve has the same wonderfully healing and soothing formula as the oil, with beeswax added. Same effect, plus the salve creates a gel seal to protect the skin and stays on the treated area longer. 

Made from all organic ingredients: Calendula Flowers, Usnea, Witch Hazel, Lemon Grass, Almond Oil, Olive Oil,  Vitamin E Oil, Benzoin tree resin, and Beeswax.  Usnea is a powerful anti-bacterial. All other ingredients combined support healing and comfort on skin conditions.

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