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Herbal Products Catalog > Solomon's Seal Plus! Blend Tincture with Spilanthes 4 oz Bottle
Solomon's Seal Plus! Blend Tincture with Spilanthes  4 oz Bottle

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Even more effective with Spilanthes.

Works well when combined with Solomon's Seal Oil and Salve. 

Our Solomon Seal Blend products are for bone, tendon, and ligament healing support.
They come in the most popularly used salve, tincture and massage oil. Each is great by itself and even greater in combination. We have repeat customers that have ongoing pain issues reordering these for over 8 yrs. They work!
I formulate these three healing tools with herbs for inflammation, pain, connective tissue repair, antibacterial, and bone repair. They ease discomfort and support healing for sprains, breaks, tinnitus, bursitis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, before and after physical work.
Made in small batches for freshness and quality control, they can be shipped anywhere in the US.

Taken internally, this tincture provides support from within your body for bone, tendon, ligament:sprains, breaks, aches and pains, arthritis . 

Ingredients: Solomon's Seal, Lemon Grass, Horsetail, Birch Bark, Yucca, Wild Yam. Herbal extraction in pure grain alcohol menstruum, 1:5 ratio, 17% glycerin, and purified water.

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