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In a Nutshell

Our work is to assist clients in uncovering and finding resolution for what's holding back possibilities -- greater freedom from programming, patterns and influences that limit emotional and spiritual expansion. Everyone's inner light is always turned on and shining, but obscured, for most of us, by layers of conditioning. Essential energy clearing helps.

We believe it is more than possible to clear blocks from our spiritual and emotional bodies, allowing more freedom to express who you are only -- your Soul Purpose. 

Soul Path Clearing
The biggest most important and valuable thing you can do for yourself - and the world - is to raise your vibrations.   This thorough delving into and easing process shifts your energy without effort. That comes after, when we extend our possibilities with this new freedom. It is, for almost everyone, a big vibrational boost. A powerful help to your path of expansion wherever you are. The readier you are, the greater the release.

Home & Land Clearing:
Clearing homes and land is another way to make positive change for everyone who lives or does business there. And the change spreads into the neighborhood and beyond. Our process is unusually thorough. The comments we get back from clients are amazing:  Here Frees your home (any location on earth) from harmful imprints and energies.

World Energy Healing means, to us, that any person who dissolves even one harmful emotion or pattern, who acts to raise personal awareness, transmits the vibrational lift to everyone everywhere. All of us are connected, as one. The energy of the world is raised, one person at a time. Love grows, fear melts.

We offer non-local (distant) healing support to individuals anywhere in the world.

Reiki Energy Work & Attunements: Patti's Reiki is not limited by distance.

Phone or Skype Emotional Freedom Sessions: Assistance with anything that troubles you.

Our product line - AWEH - mindfully created for enhancing energy shifts  will ship to anywhere. We custom create per individual needs, too.

Flower Essences & Personal Formulations:  Fantastic tools for shifting awareness, moving through changes. They are ideal complements to all Clearing work, as they affect the subtle, influential inner bodies. Flower essences raise your vibrations. 


Herbal Salves, Oils, & TincturesPatti has been developing these formul;ations over several years and they are unusually effective at their particular jobs.

Guided Inner Journey CDs and MP3s:  Pre and Post-Surgery, Ancestral Patterns, Better Sleep and other, I hope, useful themes.   

Individual Sessions.  We'll work with you in person and by phone or Skype appointment.
Sessions with Joe:
The objective is to resolve what bothers you. In person, phone, or Skype.

Sessions with Patti: Flower Essence Consultation & Formulation, Advanced Reiki, Core Clearing Package

Click for Radio Interview with Patti. Very informative about the vibrational healing qualities of Flower Essences.

To see how others have responded, we encourage you to look at Testimonials in the menu to the left.

We think everyone Is a healer, so we teach individuals and groups in person and/or by phone and internet
Reiki Attunements and Training
Pendulum Attunements and Clearing Training,
Emotional Freedom

Patti Leahy and Joe Casey are partners and co-creators of World Energy Healing. Bringing together experience, knowledge and varied practices enables us to offer healing on many different levels of your being and environment. 

Our task is to help raise the frequencies and self-healing powers of those who seek freedom through our process.