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The purpose of Soul Path Clearing is to assist humans wishing to transition into higher states of awareness.  In practical terms, that means less resistance to what is. Fewer objections.   It's getting harder not to notice how external conditions in our personal physical world (down here) tend to reflect the dominant vibratory states, programs, and beliefs we are holding. A lot of this goes on for us out of reach of our everyday awareness. We all carry programs that influence, even control us, and, mostly, we do not maintain awareness of them in conscious mind.  Those are the ones we all want to clear. 
For example, we may have an inner conflict because our programming (we are amazingly similar to computers), ancestral and cellular memories run counter to our conscious intentions.  On a world scale, we have war because the habit of war is ingrained in our ancestral memories and in our very DNA.  In the same sense, external conditions surrounding and affecting an individual also refect inner states - not necessarily what we're consciously thinking about, but rather more hidden material. More often, what controls us is what we resist allowing into awareness.   

The Soul Path Clearing work identifies and releases some of this programming, or you could say, karma, from your energy field. Not all and everything at once, but what does get cleared can start or boost movement to great liberation. This is not the end of the quest, but it almost always helps with the resistances that keep us below our potential and hinder us from operating as expanding spiritual beings.  It does not matter where you are. We can tune in, do the work, which takes about 4 hours, then have a phone call with you about the clearing and how to maximize the benefit.

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."  ~  Rumi

One of the central issues of healing has always been how to get to the layers and levels that control the undesired stuff. How is it that people and events we don’t want keep coming to us?  Why are we not getting what we really do want?  What if it really is the case that patterns below conscious awareness keep us in some level of chronic dissatisfaction - and from being whole? 

Soul Path Clearing is a method of addressing those issues at the Soul and Energetic levels. Every one of us is carrying influences we'd be better off without. Where from?
 *Traumas, wounds, insults, 
adopted harmful patterns, and other indignities in this life.              

 *Ancestral material: Beliefs and assumptions and outlooks passed down to us as explicit information - and non-verbally.  For example, because the planet has been filled with war and other violence for hundreds of generations, we could hardly escape it as a dominant idea in our personal fields. Nor can we escape the rest of the family trance -- the collection of beliefs and experiences transmitted down the family lines. They passed on lots of good stuff, too, that there's no need to fix. The positive ancestral patterns can come more into focus when the no-longer-useful programming is dissolved.

 *The entire energy field of the client, which includes what some people think of as past lives, lives in other dimensions and/or on other planets.. We think of them as other aspects, or rays, of our Essential Self. 

*Many types of distracting and depressing energies and entities attached to clients. Many of these are planetary stress and culture beliefs. Many events and behaviors can lead to attracting such creatures: shock, witnessing violence, being weakened by anything- illness or accident, indulging negative expression, being drunk in public, and others. Entities can be viewed as thought forms crystallized into semi-autonomous actors who can have effects on our moods and actions. They are actually pretty common. The lucky part is that they are subject to our authority, once we recognize it ourselves and own it,  and they must leave when identified and ordered to go to Light.  Few things lead to feeling better faster than the clearing of these tiring and tiresome occupiers of mental and emotional space,.
*Cultural and planetary influences -- beliefs, conditions, ways of perceiving -- inherited from nations, religions, schools, social organizations, secret lodges. 

And more.

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How Do We Work?
We all carry with us, in our energy fields, a record of all our thoughts, all our inner patterns, and knowledge of the origin of those patterns. 

We identify patterns that bring you again to the same impasses. We have developed a set of methods to research, with consent, the energy field of a client, no matter where. Said another way, we draw from the subconscious mind and soul record to find and release limiting patterns, ideas and beliefs and to restore the possibility of healthy supportive patterns and thoughts. The clearing can often help dissolve the patterns underlying physical problems.
That is, we all contain many many narratives, some of which control and limit us in ways harmful to Soul Evolution.

We address the narratives and the operating programs that sustain negative emotion.  We see them as blocks to union with Soul and Soul Purpose.  We are able to clear patterns and programs, as well as spirits in possession, as allowed and indicated by your High Self. Everyone moves up the vibrational scale in this process.

We do not emphasize the good parts. Our idea is that clearing the bad stuff allows the good in us to shine forth more brightly. A fair analogy is when you have a bad plug that shorts your home's electricity. When you fix the problem, the current can flow.

As we apprehend more about the relationship of body to mind, heart, and spirit, we collectively realize that physical illness is directly linked to the levels of stress we carry. Our work shows us that stress is itself linked to soul patterns. Releasing these patterns often leads to improvement in external conditions.  Life can flow more smoothly when that which no longer serves us is dissolved.

One section of a Soul Path Clearing researches and clears Vows, Contracts, and Agreements, made any time in your soul history, that are no longer valid, but which remain in your energy system generating sub-programs.   The most influential of these are below conscious everyday awareness. Dissolving them frees energy to flow -- free of self-limitation. It's still amazing to find so many people carrying vows of celibacy, self-punishment, submission, even slavery. Such inner directives create inner conflict. The celibacy vow from a monastic life, for example, sets up a situation in which a person would like to have healthy sexual expression, but can't, because a little voice warns against breaking the vow.

Another section clears Curses and Spells that you may have accrued. It is still surprising how many people are living under curses or spells. A simple "I hate you and you'll ..." can reverberate for centuries until cleared. Consider the freedom arising from being freed from a curse of hate or doom. Lifting them has good effects.

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Soul Path Clearing  is healing for the soul.  Everything that happens in our lives has a spiritual cause. Events on all other levels -- mental, emotional and physical -- are effects of spiritual causes. When we are struggling with any challenge, whether ill health, lack of money, a lost job, difficult relationships, an accident -- anything at all, it's about inner patterns.  Releasing them can transform your life. It is more efficient and less traumatic than almost any form of traditional therapy.
Soul Path Clearing provides a powerful and accurate way of changing the landscape of your inner and outer lives, enabling you to live your life more freely and fully.  It creates the conditions in which healing and life transformation can occur.

If you’ve been frustrated that the effects of different healing modalities have been short-lived or unnoticeable, it may be because deep level programs, patterns and memories compel the recurrence of the situation. Clearing them makes a difference.

Here’s a fringe benefit: By getting yourself cleared, you are helping to raise the vibration and consciousness of everyone on this planet. In this holographic universe in which we exist, each piece is a part of the whole. Consciousness reaches out and touches all consciousness. The Universe responds by matching your higher vibration with people, places and events that match and support your higher self.

For a free email evaluation of some of the items to clear for you or your home,  click here.   Write 'Evaluate', and 'Home' or 'Self', tell us where you are, and we'll get right back to you. 

What Is It Helpful For?
Soul Path Clearing addresses the unconscious drives behind :

*Mood, outlook on life, conflicts & difficult situations.   
*Finances, Career, and Creativity: Stuck? Challenges? 
*Repeating situations blocking prosperity?   
*Relationship Issues: Siblings, parents, mate, children, workplace. 
*Self Esteem:  Confidence, self image, status. 
*Health Issues: Persistent and acute conditions, recurring physical patterns.
*Past Life issues carried into the present.

What You Can Expect from Our Clearing
*Openness to Love. 
*Freedom from major limiting programs, such as self-punishment or primal guilt
*Release of blocks to positive self-expression
*Ease from distraction, fewer voices competing for attention
*Connection and openness to guidance from High Self within. 
*Relief from impulses toward negative behavior patterns
*Clearing of blocks to rising in consciousness.
*Clarity of positive intention, ability to move toward your goals.
*Alignment with your deepest purpose

We clear blocks to consciousness expansion.  The clearing is extensive and thorough. We spend about 4 hours of concentrated time working on it before talking to you. Releasing them can transform your life. It is more efficient and less traumatic than almost any form of traditional therapy.

Includes a 60 minute phone consultation, and two check-ins over the following 2-4 weeks, to insure that material stays cleared.
We also provide tools for you to support the maintenance of your energy system in the new levels of consciousness.
You are welcome to email with specific issues you want addressed.  Click here to contact us.

How Does It Work?
With consent, the energy field and Soul Record of any person can be accessed and interpreted with very good levels of accuracy, no matter where they are. Distance is not a factor.

We connect to High Self in deep focus. Then we follow the guidelines and guidance to identify patterns or programs of discordant energy imprinted in the energy field and/or soul record. Information is gathered from your field concerning the patterns, programs and other underlying beliefs, ruling ideas, blocks, and attachments.

Once these programs and energies are identified, we clear them, without pain and free of trauma. 
Positive energies are established in place of what has been released. Many clients notice changes almost instantly, some over days and weeks.

There is no effort or difficulty on your part, except to allow your spirit to let go of the old and let yourself be who you really are.


This is not like a past life reading. There is very little narrative, as the work consists of programs and patterns to clear. If we were to go into the stories, it would take 5-10 times as long to accomplish not as much. The purpose is to lighten the soul’s burden.

Non-Local (Remote, Distant, or Absent) Clearing
Non-local clearing might be said to work because there is only One Mind. Each person is simply an individualized center of consciousness of that One Mind.

To the world of spirit there is no such thing as time or space. The world we see around us is only a small fraction of all that exists. This tiny fragment is limited to what our physical bodies can detect and transmit to our consciousness. 

In the reality of the Quantum field, everything is connected. Everything is part of a continuous whole. Distance is not a factor. In a mind-blowing study, University of Paris physicist Alain Aspect discovered that, under certain circumstances, subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them.

Physicist David Bohm believes the reason subatomic particles are able to remain in contact with one another regardless of the distance separating them is not because they are sending some sort of mysterious signal back and forth, but because their separateness is an illusion. He argues that “at some deeper level of reality such particles are not individual entities, but are actually extensions of the same fundamental something. If the apparent separateness of subatomic particles is illusory, it means that at a deeper level of reality all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected.”


Some scientists are now recognizing what mystics from many traditions have always said -- that we are all connected. We are not separate. Separateness is the illusion.

From this perspective, it is not necessary for the energy to "travel" anywhere..  Time and distance are concepts which help define our reality, but are not themselves “real” in the Quantum universe.

As physics explores deeper and deeper layers of the structure of creation, phenomena are less and less "localized".  Some physicists describe a "unified field" which is "non-local". Awareness itself, the field of intelligence and "beingness" in which this whole phenomenal world is contained, is completely non-local.  In a more expanded state of awareness, it can be understood intuitively that physical distance is no barrier to a healing interaction.


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As always. the effectiveness of the clearing depends on what is done with the new energy. It is the same with all healing work.

***Emotional Freedom Sessions help integrate the themes of the Soul Path Clearing.  They extend the gains and helps overcome the challenges to shifting old patterns. Click here for more information.

***Our own AWEH Flower Essence blends are formulated to help you get through particular life situations and circumstances with greater ease. They help release non-beneficial patterns in body, mind, emotions, and spirit, while assisting in the restructure of life-supporting ones. Click here for more.