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Wild Weed Food & Medicine

Wild Weed Food and Medicine Experience

Guided by Patti Leahy of World Energy Healing and Chris Bowlin', Community Garden Land Host & Avant-Gardener

Sunday, April 17th   2-6 PM

An afternoon of introductory plant identification, and information on harvesting and using an array of useful and nutritional plant allies we have growing in our area, all of which contribute to well-being.

This is a hands-on adventure. We will be going to a local River Road organic farm setting where medicinal plants, including native, and invasives abound. Expect to get dirty.  

We'll be sure to meet and distinquish Stinging Nettles, Dandelion, Burdock, Plantain, Sorrel, Horstail, Elecampane, Teasel and more of our plant kingdom friends.

Includes the making of World Famous and legendary Stone Soup -  A potluck cooking experience!
After the plant discussions and hands-on harvesting, we'll prepare the edible herbs and add them to a huge pot of soup. The plan is for each participant to bring some veggies to add to this amazingly good soup. Served with bread and other potluck goodies brought by participants.

Options for Payment
 By Paypal or credit card. See below. 

1. Full Payment of $50
2. $25 with work trade agreement. We have 6 slots at this reduced fee for work-trade to help set up and take down. Contact Patti to take advantage of this.
3. Half payment of $25 now. Balance due at or before the event.

4.  Or a check to Patti Leahy, 345 River Rd. Eugene 97404

More information is available upon registratio

Product   Price
Full Payment Option   $50.00
Work Trade Option   $25.00
Partial Payment Option, balance at event   $25.00

Contact: Patti Leahy:    On FB...  Phone or text 541-232-5536