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Emotional Freedom. Learning ever more effective and ingenious ways to clear emotional and physical responses that bother us. Surprising and wonderful healings have happened in this class. This is a chance to learn how to make EFT work for you. 
Every other Friday 7-8:30 PM at 345 River Rd. Eugene

Feb 19th, 7pm  
March 4th, 7pm  
March 18th, 7pm  
April 1st, 7pm  
April 15th, 7pm 
April 29th, 7pm

Cost:  $2-20 donation,
Joe led free EFT classes at EWEB for 5 years, introducing hundreds of people to EFT. After a long break to develop Soul Path Clearing, we're beginning again at a new level. Joe has been giving private EFT and/or hypnosis sessions since 2000, and other trauma release sessions (Rebirthing) since 1976.
Joe's Healing Services

Introduction to Using Flower Essences
Exploring the energetic nature and healing abilities of Flower Essences
Patti Leahy
TBA for 2016,  10:30 AM - 1:00 PM

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Patti's Real Herbalism Radio interview on Flower Essence Knowledge.
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 Radio Interview 

Link to Radio Interview Part 2

Pattis Healing Services

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